- Find TOP Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegans

Find Top Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegans

Find Top Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegans!
For more than 30 Nutrients, find which Foods are richest.
Richest Foods are shown in two ways: a compact "Top 10" list, and a more detailed list.
Foods quantities are per portion, not for the standard 100g. This makes easier the comparisons between foods.

Here is a sample of Top 10 Richest Foods for Vegans.
Only a few Nutrients are shown here.
Full Nutrients' list can be found in Top 10 Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegans.

Top Vitamin K Rich Foods for Vegans
772%694µgboiled kale (85g)
562%506µgdandelion greens (65g)
511%460µgfrozen spinach (85g)
482%434µgcollards (85g)
467%420µgboiled lambsquarters (85g)
391%352µgcress (65g)
360%324µgpurslane (85g)
309%278µgswiss chard (85g)
167%150µgescarole (65g)
133%120µgbroccoli (85g)
Top Proteins Rich Foods for Vegans
77%42gsoybean kernels (250ml)
55%30gsoybeans (250ml)
50%27glupins (250ml)
40%22graw yellow beans (100g)
34%19glentils (250ml)
34%19gfalafel (140g)
31%17gsplit peas (250ml)
23%12gspaghetti (215g)
22%12gpeanuts (50g)
16%9.1gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
Top Potassium Rich Foods for Vegans
37%1762mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
33%1535mghearts of palm (85g)
28%1293mgadzuki beans (250ml)
20%936mgsoybeans (250ml)
17%819mgfalafel (140g)
16%772mglentils (250ml)
16%750mgsplit peas (250ml)
15%728mgcarrot juice (250ml)
15%726mgpassion fruit juice (250ml)
15%699mgraw plantain (140g)
Top Vitamin D Rich Foods for Vegans
9%0.43µgmushroom (85g)
3%0.16µgcanned mushroom (125ml pieces)
3%0.15µgraw mushroom (85g)
2%0.085µgshiitake (85g)
2%0.085µgenoki (85g)
1%0.028µgdried shiitake (4g)
Top Iron Rich Foods for Vegans
52%9.3mgsoybeans (250ml)
39%7mgraw yellow beans (100g)
39%7mglentils (250ml)
28%5mgkellogg's froot loops (30g)
27%4.8mgfalafel (140g)
26%4.7mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
25%4.4mgtoasted sesame seeds (30g)
24%4.3mgspirulina (15g)
19%3.4mgcandied ginger root (30g)
17%3mgspinach (85g)
Top Vitamin B12 Rich Foods for Vegans
3%0.071µgregular beer (5%) (1 can (355 ml))
3%0.071µglight beer (4%) (1 can (355 ml))
2%0.044µgfrench salad dressing (30ml)
1%0.034µgraw mushroom (85g)
1%0.021µggeneral mills golden grahams (30g)
1%0.015µgrosé wine (150ml)
0%0.01µgbread (50g)
Top Omega 3 Rich Foods for Vegans
631%6.9glinseeds (30g)
509%5.6gflaxseed oil (10g)
248%2.7gwalnuts (30g)
87%0.96gwalnut oil (10ml)
79%0.87gfrench salad dressing (30ml)
76%0.84gcanola oil (10ml)
58%0.64gwheat germ oil (10ml)
57%0.62gsoybean oil (10ml)
27%0.3groasted pecan nuts (30g)
10%0.11gsesame seeds (30g)
Top Magnesium Rich Foods for Vegans
69%222mgraw yellow beans (100g)
56%178mgpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
54%174mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
49%156mgsoybeans (250ml)
44%142mgespresso (175ml)
37%119mgprickly pear (140g)
36%115mgfalafel (140g)
35%113mgbrazilnuts (30g)
35%111mgkellogg's all bran (30g)
34%110mglinseeds (30g)
Top Selenium Rich Foods for Vegans
1046%575µgbrazilnuts (30g)
103%57µgspaghetti (215g)
70%39µgcouscous (140g)
42%23µgsoybean kernels (250ml)
38%21µgshiitake (85g)
36%20µgwhole-grain wheat flour (30g)
33%18µgpinto beans (250ml)
30%16µgkellogg's special k (30g)
29%16µgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
29%16µgrye (45g)